Swap, Stake, Farm, or do nothing and still earn!

Burnace is the World's First Hyper deflationary Token with a sophisticated Buy-back and Burn algorithm. This technique would allow for a rapid decrease of the number of tokens in circulation, quickly increasing the token price.

Burnace has a variety of interesting and useful features that make it easier for users to earn and win. Our token Comes with alot of benefits for holding, Staking, farming and Trading. Please read the docs for more information.


A few of our unique Features

💰Hold & Earn rewards

Earn 0.13% of your total $ACE held in your wallet DAILY!, This sums up to 4% monthly earned $ACE tokens for doing nothing and just Holding $ACE!. Holders with ACE points will earn even Higher yeilds.

🔥8% High Burn Tax

For every trade/swap Transaction made on the network, we use 8% of the BNB Fee to buy back and immediately burn $ACE, This adds BNB to LP and Reduce Total supply also thereby increasing price!

💸High APY farms

40 percent of the presale funds will be redistributed to BURNACE holders through our ACE farms, where you can stake your BURNACE to earn valuable tokens such as BUSD, BNB, and other tokens.

🎁Earn from airdrop

With our unique Airdrop strategy, A series of generous airdrop programs enable holders to receive additional free BURNACE tokens through airdrops. Done By simply performing a few easy tasks

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